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Amy Kerby

Amy watches after students headed to school at Rocky Mountain Elementary.  She has worked in this position for 11 years, reporting to the crosswalk four times a day. 

Amy's comments include the fact that she is at the crosswalk four times a day; rain, sleet, snow, hail, heat, doesn't matter, she's there.  Mail carriers have nothing on crossing guards! One cold winter morning, Amy's car wouldn't start, but because of her dedication, she actually road her son's scooter to report to the crosswalk, freezing but on time to take care of the kids. 

Amy notes that she has students who have graduated, gone on LDS Missions, gone to college, and even gotten married.  Amy was pregnant with one of her children during her career as a crossing guard.  That baby is now seven years old! 

Amy notices if a child is missing from the crowd one day and makes sure the child is accounted for.  She knows who their friends are, and what kind of car their parents drive.  Your children are safe with Amy! 

Officer John Lloyd says Amy is very friendly with the kids, and he is amazed at how many of them she knows by name! 

Amy would like to point out that the STOP sign she carries is not a suggestion.  PLEASE STOP WHEN YOU SEE IT!  Slow down when approaching the crosswalk, don't stop in or close to the crosswalk, give the pedestrians a buffer space.  And please PAY ATTENTION when you are driving!  

Lindon thanks Amy for taking such good care of so many of our kids over the years!