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Cemetery Sexton
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Lindon City Cemetery

The Lindon City Cemetery is located at 600 North 200 East in Lindon.  If you wish to purchase a plot, please visit the Lindon Public Works Department located at 946 West Center Street, Lindon, Utah, between the hours of 7:30 am and 3:30 pm. Click Here  to view the available plots, select the “cemetery” tab located in the top center, and type in “Lindon cemetery” in the search bar that will show up under the map. Zoom in to see what selections are available for purchase. Call us at 801-796-7954 for additional information.


Cemetery Fee Schedule

Purchase of Burial Right (Cemetery Plot) -
      Resident - $550.00     Non-Resident - $1,000.00

     Resident - $250.00     Non-Resident - $450.00
     Cremation Interment - Resident -$200.00     Non-Resident- $300.00
     Additional fee for weekends, holidays and evenings - $275.00
     (evening fee applies to burials scheduled after 12:30 p.m.)

Infant Burial
     Resident - $100.00     Non-Resident - $250.00
     Additional fee for weekends, holidays and evenings - $275.00
     Resident and Non-resident - $1,400.00

Transfer of Burial Rights

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ'S regarding the Lindon City Cemetery.