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March 13, 2020
Coronavirus Prevention Measures


Following the lead of the State of Utah and surroundings communities, Lindon City is enacting the following measures to prevent the creation of settings where the Coronavirus may spread. These measures will remain in place until March 31, 2020.


  •          Senior Center Closure:  The Lindon Senior Center will close effective Monday, March 16th. We know that the most vulnerable populations for this virus are elderly citizens. Necessary employees will still be on site to answer phone calls and be a resource for information as needed. We will be creating online opportunities to socialize and support each other during this time. For questions about the Senior Center or its associated activities during this closure please contact our Senior Coordinator, Jamie Jensen, at 801-769-8625 or


  •          Sports Programs & Classes Postponed:  All events, sports, classes, and rentals will be postponed through Tuesday, March 31. We will provide refunds for any facility rentals that are affected. Lindon City Parks and Recreation will continue to monitor the Coronavirus situation as health officials make information available. We are taking a proactive approach to not have large groups of people gathering in at our facilities. Registration for future programs is still open and available online. We will evaluate the status of future programs closer to start dates. For questions, please call (801) 769-8625 or email at


  •          Non-Emergency Public Safety Calls:  Any non-emergency call for service that can be handled remotely via telephone, email, Facetime, etc. will be handled in that manner.  Dispatch has been advised to inform callers of such.  Our public safety officers staying healthy is a top priority and any way we can reasonably avoid in-person social interactions, while still accommodating non-emergency needs, will be considered. Any concerns about this response adjustment may be directed to Chief Adams at 801-769-8600 or


  •          Finger Printing Services Canceled:  The Lindon City Police Department will not be providing finger printing services during this pandemic.


  •          Soft Facility Closures:  The Lindon City Center, Public Safety Building (police/fire), Community Center, Public Works and associated facilities will be open for city business during regular hours. However, the public is strongly encouraged to avoid in-person visits to our facilities. We encourage you to contact us in other ways such as email, telephone or social media. City contact information can be found here:


  •          Public Meetings:  City Council and Planning Commission meetings will continue as needed with opportunity for the participating members to participate electronically. The City will also work to identify a means for public to participate & comment electronically (likely Facebook live stream). Other city boards, commissions and committee meetings will be cancelled or postponed.


These measures will remain in place until March 31, 2020. This is situation will be reevaluated as circumstances change and more information becomes available. If you haven’t already done so, please sign up for our Citizen Alert system at: