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Lindon City Official Ballot Drop Box is located at 100 North State Street, Lindon
(Lower Level Parking Lot)

Your vote by mail ballot for the 2020 Presidential Primary Election has been sent from the Utah County Elections Office and you should be receiving them in the mail. You can return you ballot by one of three ways:

  • Return you ballot to the Utah County Elections Office during business hours or at any Utah County Voter Centers until 8pm on Election Day. Click here for Voter Service Center locations.  Please note: Lindon City is NOT a voter service location this election.  
  • Drop off your ballot at any Official Ballot Drop Box until 8pm on Election Day - A full list of locations can be found at
  • Mail your ballot back by mail with a postmark no later than March 2nd (the day before the election) 
If you have any questions please contact the Utah County Elections Office at 801-851-8128 or or the Lindon City Recorder, Kathy Moosman at 801-785-5043 or

Notice to Residents:
If you’re registered as a Republican and received a ballot with just the Republican candidates on the ballot and wish to vote Democratic in the Primary Election, you will have to go to the UTAH COUNTY BUILDING ELECTION OFFICE LOCATED AT 100 EAST CENTER STREET, SUITE 3100, PROVO, UT by Monday, March 2nd and fill out a provisional ballot. Or you can go to any Voter Service Center on Election Day, Tuesday, March 3rd to fill out a provisional ballot. Take your ballot and your driver's license as ID.  The County Building is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Click here for Voter Service Centers
Click here for the Utah County Elections Office website or call 801-851-8126 with any questions.

Please Note: Your ballot for the General Election held on November 3rd will have all candidates on the ballot.