Lindon City 2017 Municipal Election Candidate Profile/Bios
(Please note the candidate names are listed per the Master Ballot Position List (Utah Code Section 20A-6-305)


Jake Hoyt - 4 year-term City Council

My wife Bethany and I were born and raised in Lindon. After getting married and moving to a neighboring city, it did not take us long to realize that Lindon was a unique and special place.  As a young couple we set a goal to make it back to our home town of Lindon.   We saved and scraped together every penny, and in 2010 we made it back to Lindon.  We now live here with our 3 children and hope to be here for the rest of our lives.  Lindon City and its loyal employees have a stellar reputation. Over the past 4 years it has been a great honor to serve on the Lindon City Council. 

  • I’ve strived to be a voice for the people and base decisions on what is best for Lindon residents.  
  • I am proud of the considerable amount of work over the past 4 years that has gone into keeping Lindon fiscally conservative and financially sound.  I believe that applying conservative principles to the city budget during strong economic years, like we are experiencing now, will allow us to keep taxes low and maintain great services during economic downturns. 
  •  I’ve focused heavily on strengthening relationships between local businesses and city government.  As a city we need to do all that we can to help Lindon businesses grow and be successful.
  •  I am a believer in the “little bit of country” motto that we enjoy here in Lindon and I look to that motto as we continue to experience growth.

It would be an honor to continue to serve the great city of Lindon.


Van Broderick - 4 year-term City Council

As residents of Lindon, we are blessed to live in a great community.  My wife Sarah and I have made Lindon our home for over 29 years.  Lindon is an ideal place to raise a family and we love living here! We have a high quality of life because Lindon is well managed.  Lindon City employees do a remarkable job of running our city.  I express appreciation to our city employees and pay tribute to our mayor and city council members for their outstanding service.  I am running for city council to help the city maintain its course. A primary function of city government is to establish an appropriate, sustainable budget. We must provide for the city's needs without causing an undue tax burden and debt upon the citizens.  City leaders must spend each dollar of tax revenue wisely and carefully. 

  • I am for property rights and will work to reduce city bureaucracy in land use issues.
  • I am running for a second term of city council to help ensure that Lindon remains a great place to live, work, and play.



Desiree Green - 4 year-term City Council

I would love the opportunity to be the first Native American woman to serve on the Lindon City Council. This is just a little bit about me. I am a first generation college student and someone with my particular background only has a four percent chance of graduating with a four year degree. Through dedication and perseverance, I graduated with a Bachelor's in Psychology with a minor in American Indian Studies. I have dedicated my life to serving society and would like the opportunity to serve the community of Lindon. I have lived in Lindon for the past thirty years and grew up here, and decided to buy a home and raise my family in this beautiful town. So I implore you to please come out and let your voice be heard and vote. Please make that vote for me, Desiree, so I can be the first Native American woman to serve the community of Lindon. I would consider it a great honor to serve the community of Lindon. 

Dustin Sweeten - 2 year-term City Council 

A Utah native, I grew up in Utah County and have lived the past 19 years here in Lindon. I served a mission for the LDS church in southern Chile and have a great love for the Chilean people and the Spanish language which I work hard to retain. My wife Darlene and I have been married for 32 years and have 5 children and 4 grandchildren. I love the outdoors and all types of recreation. I have a passion for vintage cars and vintage snowmobiles. I am the President of the “Western States Vintage Snowmobile Association” and owner of the “Sweeten Snowmobile Museum” located here in Lindon. I have been a business owner in Utah County for the past 30 years and I currently own and operate Powerhouse Motorsports in Pleasant Grove. I served for many years on the Lindon/Pleasant Grove Chamber of Commerce including twice as President. I served for a number of years on the Lindon City Planning Commission including one year as Chairman. I am currently serving as a Council Member for Lindon City.


Daril Magleby - 2 year-term City Council

I Have lived in Lindon for the past 22 years, where my wife, Dana and I have raised four children. I have been involved in several businesses, including; Label Express, FlexTech, Pizza Factory and TherapEase. I have been able to employ hundreds of employees in these companies over the past 25 years.  I grew up in the small town of Monroe, Utah. I value the "little bit of country" that we enjoy here, but realize the need successful business to contribute to our tax base. There can be balance and moderation in all things, if we all focus on what is most important for each of us.  Being self employed, and mostly retired, I have sufficient time to contribute to the concerns of Lindon city. I have learned to listen to people in many facets of my career and volunteer positions in my community.  I feel that great decisions can be made when you take the time to evaluate how it will impact the citizens now, and how our posterity will be blessed from those decisions in the future. I am looking forward to be a voice for Lindon city residents. Your support would be greatly appreciated.