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Lindon City 2019 Municipal Election Candidate Profile/Bios
(Please note: Candidate names are listed per the Master Ballot Position List (Utah Code Section 20A-6-305)


Deny Farnworth - 4 year-term City Council


I love Lindon. My wife Trisha and I have made Lindon our home for the past 26 years. I have also had the opportunity of being a small business owner in Lindon for over 30 years and I still continue to operate that business successfully in Lindon.

For many years I have served our surrounding community in all types of positions and have formed a great love for the people I’ve served. I feel I’m committed to making our quality of life better here in Lindon and our surrounding community.  We need to preserve our businesses and improve our opportunities for new quality businesses in our community, in doing so this will improve our tax base. 

My wife and I have had the opportunity of raising our five children in our community and have strived to instill service at the center of our lives and hope that our children will carry on that tradition.  We choose Lindon for this...“ A Little Bit Country”.  God bless our country and God bless our Lindon, Utah.


Carolyn Lundberg - 4 year-term City Council

As a 25 year resident of Lindon raising a family, running a business and serving on the City Council for 5 years, my goal is to help keep Lindon well-maintained and beautiful, yet have a plan and vision for the future.

  •          Smart Growth - Utah County is projected to double in population by 2050. Rather than chasing trends we should examine best practices that bring long-term sustainability, yet not lose the quality of life we hold dear.
  •          Protecting your tax dollars - While economic times are good, how can we best prepare for the future when the cycle trends down? Our council’s approach has been to focus on paying off debt, investing in necessary infrastructure and to be cautious in entering new liabilities.
  •          Effective Budgeting - Raising taxes should be a last resort. Our job is to make sure efficiencies and revenue opportunities have been maximized. This may mean thinking “Outside the Box” before adding a burden to our citizens.
  •          Focus on Economic Development - I am passionate in actively promoting and bringing quality development, amenities and businesses to Lindon.
  •          Responsive to your concerns – Your input deserves to be listened to with an open mind and then appropriate action taken to bring solutions.

I am committed to fight for Lindon’s Values and Future and would be honored to continue to serve. I’d appreciate your support!


Mike Vanchiere - 4 year-term City Council

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Louisiana State University. I later earned a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Brigham Young University. I am a Senior Loan Officer and Senior Vice-President for Mountain West Small Business Finance (one of the top SBA 504 lenders in the nation) for the past 30 years. For most of that time, I have been one of the top producers of SBA 504 loans in the country. Prior to coming to Mtn. West, I worked for Provo City Corporation as a Grant Coordinator and Project Manager for 6 ½ years. Most notably, I was the Project Manager for East Bay Business Center in South Provo, a nationally award winning ground up development.

I teach and lecture at the local, state and national level on small business lending and I am frequently called on by both the public and private sector to consult on SBA lending. For 25 years, I was a Senior Trainer for the National Association of Development Companies (NADCO), the industry trade association for the SBA 504 industry. For 20 years, I served on the Board of Commissioners for the Housing Authority of Utah County and as Chairman of the Board for the last 10 years of my tenure. I also served on the Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls Club of Utah County (13 years) serving as a Past Chair.  

I have been married to the former Rhonda Rupp for 43 years and we have six children and 23 grandchildren (13 boys and 10 girls). In my spare time, I love to read and I am an avid metal detectorist.  

I am currently serving as a City Councilmember for Lindon City, Utah.

Desiree Green - 4 year-term City Council

The Green family has been in Lindon for over forty years. I was raised in Lindon, and purchased our home in Lindon. Growing up in Lindon I have seen the expansion of Lindon, and know that due to society's growth expansion is inevitable, but I believe that it can be achieved while still maintaining some semblance, of Lindon's “Little bit of county motto” while respecting the Citizens of Lindon.  Lindon was founded on it's motto "A Little bit of country". It is important to try and preserve that as much as possible. 

While supporting small businesses, who are the backbone of any community. It is also extremely important to listen to, and respect the citizens of Lindon. All of these things are the cornerstone of my beliefs. I am a people-oriented dedicated individual. I am a first-generation college student coming from a working class family,  and worked my way through college, and that coupled with that fact that I am a Native American.

I was given a less than one percent chance of graduating with a four-year degree, but through dedication and perseverance, I graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I then went on to gain my certification as a Substance Abuse Counselor. I have spent my entire career in the service of others. My passion for helping others is what drives me to run for Lindon City Council so that I may serve the citizens of Lindon. I would love the opportunity to be the first minority to serve on the City Council.     

Randi Powell - 4 year-term City Council

As a candidate for Lindon City Council I am excited about the possibility to once again serve the Citizens of this wonderful community.  I LOVE Lindon,  I love its values, unique qualities and it’s fabulous citizens. 

I have met residents in every neighborhood and walked every street in Lindon over the past eight years. I’ve listened to concerns on a large variety of issues and have been able to both educate and be educated on matters that are important for Lindon to be currently stable while poised for future growth. 

With proven experience as an elected official in Lindon, having served on City Council from 2012-2016, I will continue to focus on being fiscally conservative and thoughtful in all matters regarding use of City funds. This goes beyond our Fiscal Yearly Budget and includes all things that are of value to our City. 

Additionally, I pledge to continue to be a good listener and willing to have open conversations, even the hard ones. 

Lindon‘s motto and identity of “A Little Bit of Country" is important now more than ever as we reach maximum build out in the near future. Join me in a bright future with this in mind.




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