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Annual Lindon City Drill

For 10 years, Lindon has practiced to be as resilient as possible in a large-scale emergency through an annual communications drill that involves every Lindon City resident. The city practices this drill every September. It is unique within the entire U.S. and will help us to more quickly assess and respond to a major disaster event, should one occur. We appreciate how willing our community is to work together to be well-prepared. By practicing this drill, we are learning how to account for all Lindon City residents and assess their safety and needs within 2 hours. This is a HUGE feat. By comparison, in most disaster situations, many hours are spent bringing in personnel to begin an assessment. In this time, we are finished with our initial assessment and have begun the response process. Your cooperation and participation are critical to this success, and we thank you for drilling with us annually. You can find more information at  the Lindon City Drill webpage by clicking on the link below.


Lindon City Preparedness Fair

A family friendly evening for everyone!
Thursday, August 30, 7:00PM
Lindon Community Center
(25 North Main Street)

Join us for our first city-sponsored preparedness fair! Offered in conjunction with training information for the 2018 Lindon City Drill, you will have the chance to wander the main room of interactive displays addressing all sorts of preparedness topics: gardening, water storage, fire safety, finances, self-defense, employment, wilderness survival, and much much more. Learn how to be more resilient in the face of personal or community emergencies and see what volunteer opportunities are available to you through established community response agencies. Lindon City Drill yard signs will be available for pick-up at the fair. To request a booth/table at this event please contact Kelly Johnson: 801-836-8522.

The 2018 annual LINDON CITY DRILL will take place on Monday, September 17, 2018 from 6-8:00PM.

Check in with your Block Captain 6PM!
Amateur Radio Operators: training item and check-in with city net 146.56 MHz (simplex).
Special training for city officials 6-8PM.
Public feedback meeting open to all 8:15PM at the Lindon City Building on the night of the drill.

The Drill Down for Safety is held each year at 6:00pm on the Monday evening following 9/11. At that time we ask for everyone in the City to respond to their Block Captains to be identified as 'safe'. The information is forwarded to neighborhood captains, then area captains, then to the City. This chain of information on specific individuals enables the City to perform a count of residents and business employees during large scale emergencies. Along with the accounting of individuals, information regarding hazards or needed help is also obtained and forwarded to the City. 

If you will be out of town or cannot attend that evening, please let a trusted neighbor know in advance so they can report that your family is away but accounted for. In an actual event, that little notification may save hours of unnecessary resources searching to determine
your condition. Please use the opportunity to connect with your friends and neighbors and make it a fun evening!

Our goal is to work through problems and make our mistakes as we practice drill and not in the middle of an actual emergency. Lindon City will continue to lead in the effort of personal preparedness and as a city is dedicated to promoting safety and emergency preparedness efforts among its residents. Our efforts as a community are getting attention as each year more cities come to observe us to help develop their programs. Please participate in the drill and make this a fun event with neighbors as you practice together for that day which we all hope never comes!


  • The following forms should be used around the city in drills & real city-wide emergencies.
  • Block Captains, Neighborhood (Ward), and Area (Stake) volunteers should become familiar with the proper use of these forms.
Report ASAP to your Block Captain with a count & status of those in your household. Block Captains fill out & return these forms to your pre-designated Neighborhood (ward) Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Neighborhood EOC information is sent to Area Command (stake). Area Command forwards info to the City EOC. All information should be sent by 2 runners (assigned in pairs) & may also be transmitted by radio if you have pre-arranged radio transmission with your Neighborhood & Area EOC. 

Specific names of families & individuals should go to the neighborhood Emergency Operations Center (EOC) level only. Specific names of families & individuals should NOT go to Area Command or to the city level, unless the neighborhood EOC requests city resources for special needs such as fire, police, rescue, or ambulance. In a real emergency, volunteer resources information (skills & equipment) will be collected by neighborhood EOCs, but again, the information will NOT be relayed to Area Command, unless Area Command or City Officials request it. This is in an effort to keep communication streamlined and keep excess chatter off the radio.

In a Declared State of Disaster FEMA requires that the community meet one-quarter of reimbursement requests. Volunteer hours are counted toward this reimbursement effort. Please practice completing and submitting this form during the drill to get us in the habit of tracking these critical volunteer hours.

Block Captain Forms for Emergencies
Neighborhood (Ward) Forms for Emergencies
Area (Stake) Forms for Emergencies