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THE ANNUAL LINDON CITY DRILL will happen Monday, September 14, 2020 at 6PM!

We  tested the citywide emergency communications by text/phone only and did not gather in groups or in person for this years drill. There was no in-person Block Captain training meeting, no city preparedness fair, and no meetings at the city center this year. Block Captains contacted the residents on their block to explain the drill and facilitate the exchange of cell phone numbers. Click here to see the After Action Drill Report.  Thanks to everyone for the great participation!! 

2020 Lindon City Drill Objectives 

  •         Establish two-way text communications from city officials to every resident of Lindon City through a system of pre-designated Area, Neighborhood, and          Block Captains.  
  •         Collate participation results & track resident responses to a question about 72-hour emergency kits. 
  •         Send a thank you text with drill results to every resident of Lindon City on the night of the drill.
  •         Note gaps, problems, successes, and ways to improve after our first-ever mass text drill.


We will find out whether the city could get an emergency message to every household through the Block Captain system efficiently and rapidly. This cell-phone texting method would only be used in circumstances when people need critical knowledge or instructions in a hurry. It could be used citywide or only in one area of the city (East, Central, or West) depending on the emergency and what information needed to be relayed. It must be practiced first to be effective. In the past, we have exercised under the assumption of a total infrastructure collapse and zero ability to communicate except in person. No technology.  

While inherently valuable in the most serious disasters like a major earthquake, it has limited applicability in smaller yet vital responses such as 1) rapid evacuations, 2) messages that must reach everyone, like boil orders, or 3) situations where exiting a home/business to communicate in person or gather as a group could be deemed dangerous, like the need to shelter-in-place due to criminal activity (active shooter/other), a wild animal, a hazardous materials spill, or a pandemic.  

This year's text-oriented drill should help us work on that notable gap in emergency communications with our Block Captains. The drill has been simplified. Instead of meeting together at your Block Captain's house, this year we encourage you to go about your business as usual, at home or wherever you may be, but keep your cell phone on and ready. At some point on the evening of September 14, you should receive a text from your Block Captain. Simply reply!  You will receive a second text later that night with participation results.

More information at or contact Lindon City Emergency Coordinator Kelly Johnson at

We've set a 2020 citywide preparedness goal for every household to create a 72-hour emergency kit by the end of the year. Please participate with us and get your kit done! If you already have one, be sure it's updated! Here are suggestions for a kit from Be Utah Ready:





The Utah Strong Recovery Project has put a team of 40 counselors on standby to answer hotline calls from people who are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression because of the COVID-19 pandemic. To talk to a Utah Strong Recovery Project counselor seven days a week 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. call/text 385-386-2289 or email your first name and phone number to For 24/7 response, you can call the Utah statewide Crisis Line at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or SAMHSA Distress Hotline at 1-800-985-5990.

If you're worried you may have COVID-19, please call ahead to your healthcare provider for an assessment.


Call the Utah Coronavirus Information Line: 1-800-456-7707.


For on-going information and points of action, check these websites:

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