Annual Lindon Days Celebration 2016!
August 1st-6th

The Theme for this year is "Red, White & Blue"
America's flag of freedom waives brightly over Lindon City. We celebrate a great country, great freedom and great people. 

Please join us in our celebration by participating in the Grand Parade.
Parade Application

Lindon Days Magazine

Lindon Days Fair (circa 1981)

Photos Courtesy of
Wayne Johnson

2016 Lindon Days Sponsors

A HUGE thank you to all of our Lindon Days Sponsors this year! Without your generous donations, our celebration would not be possible.

Power Innovations Int.     Logo    Four Chairs Furniture

Mathnasium: The Math Learning Center > Lindon  

Affiliate Solar    

American Bank of Commerce Logo 

        Galaxie Lighting Logo





Chair: Kim and Shauna Tomlinson ttile@veracitynetworks.net

Monday, August 1, 2016 Lindon Days Car Show. From 
4-9 PM.  Flyer Coming Soon!

FREE REGISTRATION. All makes and models.

Pre-registered participants will receive a free event T-shirt while supplies last!


Night Out Against Crime

Pioneer Park -- 500 N 150 S
7:30 PM
National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods a safer, better place to live. Together, we are making that happen.
National Night Out enhances the relationship between neighbors and law enforcement while bringing back a true sense of community and provides a great opportunity to bring police and neighbors together under positive circumstances. Come up to Pioneer Park at 7:30 PM to meet  the Lindon Police Department. They will be training and demonstrating how to keep Lindon safe.

Ice Cream Social 

Love Rocky Road? Gotta Have Cookies and Cream? Or is Bubblegum your favorite flavor? Then we have you covered! Come to the Free Ice cream social following the Night Out Against Crime Presentation (8:00 PM) at the Pioneer Park.

The Mayor and City Council will be serving all the ice cream you can eat.

Movie in the Park

Starts at Dusk
Pioneer Park



Creekside Park 100 S 600 W

6:30 PM (6:30 PM to 7:00 PM Fishing Poles Only; 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM Huck Finn Style)

Lani's Hawaiian Shaved Ice will be there with Free shaved ice from 6:30 to 7:30 PM. 


The 2nd Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta!

Get your Boat Ready!!!


Two Categories this year
1. Boat - (Traditional Boat Shape) 2. Raft/Paddleboat (Flat with no significant sides)

4 Divisions including:
1. Family Division - Parent & Child up to 12 years old
2. Kids Division 8-12 years old.
3. Youth Division 12-16 years old
4. Open Divison - 16 years and older

Rules and Regulations

  1. All boats must be built of only corrugated cardboard (of any thickness) and duct tape.Waxed or pre-treated cardboard or Sona tubes are prohibited.
  2. The judges may,at their discretion, perform the dreaded“ice pick test”to verify that no wood,plastic or metal has been included in the construction.
  3. Caulking compounds,expanding foam, tar, staples, clamps, screws or two-part/mixed adhesives may not be used.
  4. Oars and paddles are not part of the boat proper,and must be brought by the Contestants
  5. All construction materials and boats must be removed by the contestants immediately after the event in the dumpsters provided.
  6. No ‘push’ starts or motors allowed.
  7. Judges hold the sole authority to disqualify any  boat not meeting rules or deemed unfit.
  8. Each person is only allowed to be involved with one boat. Individuals with more than one boat will be asked to choose only one to use in the contests.
  9. 50 Yard Timed Race is one lap down and back in the Lap Pool

Decorations are allowed (encouraged) as long as they do not affect structural strength or buoyancy.


FASTEST BOAT: 1st and 2nd Place

(All Divisions)

·    2 Person boats only


Judging Criteria includes;

·    Team dress or costumes.

·    Decoration

·    Team spirit will be judged from the time the captains register until the end of the race.


·    Must be written or painted on the boat.


Judging Criteria includes;

·    Most dramatic sinking.


Last boat to not sink during the swamping competition.

 Flyer for rules & details

The contest is open to the first 100 watercraft. Early online registration is recommended to ensure your spot. 
Register here at activityreg.com

Lindon Free Swim Day

12:30 PM - 2:30 PM LINDON RESIDENTS ONLY (must bring proof of residency to the pool.

2:30 - 6:00 PM Residents and Non-Residents 

Come swim with us for free. Get the coupon included in the Lindon Days Booklet to enjoy a free swim day at the Aquatics Center. 

Lazy River Duck Race  
3:00 PM
Aquatics Center Pools. 
Register at the booth in the pool for a numbered duck. The ducks will race around the Lazy River and the first 25 ducks will receive prizes. 
Participation is Free but ducks are limited. 


3:30 PM
Aquatics Center Pools

4 Divisions:

0-3 y/o (toys and trinkets)
4-6 y/o (toys and trinkets and some dimes)
7-10 y/o
11-14 y/o

Lindon Flag Retirement Ceremony
6:00 PM
City Center Park  -- 150 N Main Street
Come Join us along wit the members of FA145 C Btry and VFW n honoring  our Country's flag. You can drop off flags ready for retirement at the Community Center anytime. 

All Scouts in Uniform are encouraged to participate in the Service. 


Lindon Days Open Horse Show
City Center Park Arena
Pre-Register: SIGN UP HERE

$3 per event (except team events)
$2 per team event entry 
Team Events Include: 4-Man-Team Relay Race, Rescue Race, Dress Change Race & Hide Pull Race

Show #1- Day of Registration opens @ 9am, show begins 10am
*indicates class based on horse's age
  1.    Weanling Stallions at Halter*
  2.    Yearling Stallions at Halter*
  3.    2-year-old Stallions at Halter*            
  4.    3-year-old Stallions at Halter*
  5.    Aged Stallions at Halter (4-year-old and older)*
  6.    Weanling Mares at Halter*   
  7.    Yearling Mares at Halter*
  8.    2-year-old Mares at Halter*
  9.    3-year-old Mares at Halter*
  10.    Aged Mares at Halter (4-year-old and older)*
  11.    Weanling Geldings at Halter*                        
  12.    Yearling Geldings at Halter*
  13.    2-year-old Geldings at Halter*
  14.    3-year-old Geldings at Halter*
  15.    Aged Geldings at Halter(4-year-old and older)*
  16.    Senior Showmanship (18-years-old and older)                                                              
  17.    14-17 Showmanship
  18.    9-13 Showmanship
  19.    8-years-old and younger Showmanship
  20.    Yearling Longe Line*
  21.    Green Western Pleasure (4-year-old and younger)*                    
  22.    Senior Western Pleasure (16-years-old and older)
  23.    Youth Western Pleasure (15-years-old and younger)
  24.    Senior Horsemanship (18-years-old and older)
  25.    14-17 Horsemanship
  26.    9-13 Horsemanship
  27.    8-years-old and younger Horsemanship
  28.    Gaited-horse Western Pleasure (all ages)
  29.    English Hunter Under Saddle (all ages)
  30.    Leadline (all ages)
  31.    Senior trail (16-years-old and older)
  32.    Youth Trail (15-years-old and younger)
  33.    Senior Reining (16-years-old and older)
  34.    Youth Reining (15-year-old and younger) 

Show #2 Registration Opens @ 3pm, Show begins at the conclusion of the Show #1 or @ 4pm

  1.    Senior Barrels (16-years-old and older)
  2.    13-15 Barrels
  3.    9-12 Barrels
  4.    8-year-old and younger Barrels
  5.    Special Needs Barrels (all ages)
  6.    Senior Texas Rollback (16-years-old and older)
  7.    13-15 Texas Rollback
  8.    9-12 Texas Rollback
  9.    8-years-old and younger Texas Rollback
  10.    Special Needs Texas Rollback (all ages)
  11.    Senior Poles (16-years-old and older)
  12.    13-15 Poles
  13.    9-12 Poles
  14.    8-years-old and younger Poles
  15.    Special Needs Poles (all ages)
  16.    Senior Single Pole(16-years-old and older)                        
  17.    13-15 Single Pole 
  18.    9-12 Single Pole
  19.    8-years-old and younger Single Pole
  20.    Special Needs Single Pole (all ages)                                
  21.    Four-man-team relay race (all ages) There will be a set speed pattern, such as barrels, each contestant will race through the pattern on at a time, the team with the fastest combined time will win.
  22.      Rescue Race (all ages) One contestant stand on a barrel at the end of the arena. The second races down to horseback, circles the barrel, picks up the first contestant and races back across the starting line, fastest time wins!
  23.      Dress Change Race (all ages) One contestant stands at the end of the arena the first contestant is in a dress (dress will be provided) races down to the first contestant gets off, takes the dress off, the second contestant puts the dress on, mounts, and runs back across the starting line. Fastest time wins.
  24.    Hide Pull Race (all ages) one contestant drags the hide down and around the end barrel where the second contestant gets on the hide, contestant drags hide (and rider) back across the starting line. Fastest time wins.


Video Game Tournament 

Back by Popular Demand
9 AM to 3 PM
Lindon Community Center

Battle to the top of the bracket on the BIG SCREEN for prizes


City Center Park Arena
5:00 PM

One of the most popular events in the Lindon Days Celebration.

Lindon Days Jr Rodeo August 5th

Join us for a night full of laughter and fun for the whole family, no experience needed!A night you won’t want to miss! Lindon City Center Park Arena.

Pre register at lindoncity.org. For questions contact Shylee Sweeten (435)754.5049


PreRodeo Entertainment and onsite registration starts at 4pm. Online preregistrants must also check in onsite at 4pm

Featuring the Lindon Nayborhood Youth Riding Club Drill Team, Rodeo Clowns and free giveaways

Rodeo Begins at 5pm

Events include. Help us bring the Lindon Community together

Muttin Bustin’-- 60 lbs weight limit $5 per entry

Calf Riding -- 80 lbs weight limit $5 per entry

Steer Riding -- 110 lbs weight limit $5 per entry

Team Roping -- $3 per entry

Consists of a two member team. Teams will rope a plastic steer, pulled behind a four wheeler, on foot. Team with the fastest time wins.Ropes will be provided . AT LEAST ONE MEMBER OF THE TEAM MUST BE UNDER 12-years-old

Old Timer Barrel Racing -- $2 per entry

PARENTS ONLY. A four wheeler will be provided for each contestant (no personal machines allowed) contestants will complete the barrel pattern, fastest time wins. DOT approved helmets are required.

Chicken Chase-- 12-years-old and under $2 per contestant

Ribbon Chase-- 15-years-old and under-- FREE

Mayors Candy Scramble-- 12-years-old and under-- FREE

Boot Race-- All ages-- FREE awards for all age groups  

*** all paid events will require a release form to be signed by a parent during registration, Muttin Bustin and Calf Riding events will require a helmet.. Steer Riding and Old Timer Barrel Racing will require a DOT approved full face helmet to be warn ***

Sign up HERE for individual events 


2016 Family Fun Run & 5k
Lindon Community Center (25 N Main)
7:00 START
6:00 to 6:30 AM Late Registration ONLY!
Flag Raising Ceremony
Lindon Community Center (25 N Main)
7:15 AM
Mayor's Breakfast
Lindon Community Center
7:30 AM until 9:30 AM
Adult $5.00 each (12 years and up)
Child $2.00 each (0-11 years old)
Lindon Days Grand Parade
Center Street from 500 E to Main Street
10:00 AM
Kids Fair
3-7 PM
Pheasant Brook Park 

Come down to the Pheasant Brook Prrk for FREE, FREE, FREE events and booths. 

This year coming to the park is:
Highway Patrol Seat belt ride
Inflatable slides and bounce houses
Trackless Train
Food Trucks
Tye Dye both (remember to bring a shirt)
Dunk Tank
Home Depot Build A Craft 
And Many More. 

7:00 PM

Scales and Tails will provide us with an entertaining reptile show this year

8:30 PM
Live in Concert
The Salamanders

8:00 PM
Pheasant Brook Park Main Stage

9:45PM (Approx) Fireworks