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Lindon Heritage Trail Phase II

The second phase of the Lindon Heritage Trail is underway!
Awarded grant funding will help to complete another significant portion of the trail that will begin on 800 West and head towards Utah Lake. The trail will be 10' wide asphalt surface and will match the look and design of the existing portions of the trail along Center Street and Lakeview Drive.  This multi-use trail will be installed along the Lindon Hollow Ditch, the west side of the railroad tracks, the south side of 200 South, and the east side of 800 West (see Flier to view project map).  Work is scheduled to occur Monday through Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
Schedule:  Construction of phase II of the LIndon Heritage Trail is scheduled to begin March 25, 2013.
This section of the new trail is anticipated to be complete and ready for use by mid-summer 2013.
*All work is dependent on weather and availability of materials.*

Below are announcements and links to additional information on the trail project.
Contact info for the
Lindon Heritage Trail Public Information Team:

Phone: 801-372-0469
You may also contact the Lindon Planning Department for
additional information at 801-785-7687.

To view information presented at the November 30, 2010 Heritage Trail Open House - Click HERE.

Project Timeline:
Fall / Winter 2010:  Surveying and preliminary design engineering along trail route.
2011 - Summer 2012:  Final design engineering and right-of-way aquisition (where needed).
Fall 2012:  Advertise project for bid. Award contract.
Spring 2013:  Construction of trail

This phase of the Lindon Heritage Trail is being funded through a federal transportation enhancement grant which was awarded to the City in 2008 in the amount of $3,037,433. The City is required to match 7% of the grant amount. However, several years ago the City purchased some of the land along Lindon Hollow Creek that was going to be needed for the trail right-of-way and the City was fortuanate to be able to apply this previous land purchase as the match required for the grant. Therefore, no "out-of-pocket cash" is being used by the City for the project design and construction. UDOT is administering the project since this is a federally funded grant.