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Who Is Eligible For The Senior Lunch Program

Eligibility Requirements:

-An individual 60 years and older

-The spouse (any age) of an individual that is 60 years of age and older.

-An individual of any age that has been officially designated to assist by volunteering with the meal program during the meal hour.

-A disabled individual of a senior coming to the center.  The disabled individual must reside in the senior’s home and the senior must be the primary caregiver. The disabled individual may receive the meal at the center or at the home.

-Visitors that meet one of the requirements listed above.

Everyone else may receive a meal but must pay the posted cost of the meal.  This payment must be collected and accounted for separate from donations.  These individuals include: paid kitchen staff under the age of 60, other center employees under the age of 60, disabled individuals in the community under the age of 60, volunteers in the center under the age of 60 not officially volunteering for and during the meal program, or any visitors under the age of 60 unless they meet one of the eligibility requirements.