Public Works - Water Division

Lindon's water for culinary uses, originates from springs East of the City and wells located throughout the City. Lindon City also has installed a pressurized irrigation system City-wide to accommodate the ever-growing need for water. Secondary residential pumping facilities are also found throughout Lindon. The secondary water is billed monthly and the water is supplied through the canals during the summer months. Make sure your children do not drink this water, as it is only meant to be used outside on trees, plants, bushes, and lawns and is not treated. Early in the spring, the canals (North Union Irrigation Company, Hollow Water Irrigation Company, Cobbley Ditch Irrigation Company and the Salt Lake Aqueduct) supply the Lindon reservoirs with secondary water

Drinking Water Quality Report

The link below contains the Lindon City Water Quality Report (2015 calendar year).

Dennis Kendall
Water Division Superintendent 
Brian Lloyd
Water Technician
Shad Carson
Water Technician