Winter is here and the snow is coming soon! Just a reminder that residents are required by ordinance to keep parked vehicles off the roads between the hours of 4:00 AM and 4:00 PM each year from November 1 through March 15. This allows our snowplow operators to clear the snow off streets. We also ask that residents do not push snow into the streets. Please keep your sidewalks clear and salted, and be willing to assist your neighbors with special needs with their snow removal as well! Lindon City prioritizes snow removal. First to be plowed are the main arteries, collector streets, and then local and residential streets. During a heavy snowstorm, most of our resources may be spent keeping the main arteries open, and your street may not be plowed until resources become available. Please be patient and know that we will do our best to keep our streets clear. Let’s all help to make life easier for our great Snowplow drivers as they work to keep the roads safe for all of us! Thanks for your cooperation!

Priority during a snow storm is given in the following order if over 1" of snow is on the ground or if the parking lots/trails are slippery.

1.  Snow Plowing of the City Center sidewalks and parking lot.
2.  Community Center sidewalks and parking lots.
3.  Heritage Trail.
4.  Veterans Hall parking lot.
5.  Other walking trails (parks, connectors, etc.).
6.  Parks parking lots.