Lindon City Youth Sports & Programs

Lindon Parks and Recreation provides a handful of recreational and educational classes for youth. The variety of programs continually changes throughout the course of the year. Most classes and leagues can be signed up for online at the link below.
Registration for programs can also be done in person at the Lindon Community Center (25 N Main St.) Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm.


COED: Ages 3-4
Boys Kindergarten: Ages 5-6
Boys 1st/2nd Grade
Boys 3rd/4th Grade
Boys 5th/6th Grade
Girls Kindergarten: Ages 5-6
Girls 1st/2nd Grade
Girls 3rd/4th Grade
Girls 5th/6th Grade


 Lindon City youth Baseball offers a league provided for children to introduce the basic skills and fundament of baseball. Leagues are non competitive program designed to teach skill development in fielding, throwing and hitting a safety modified baseball. No score or standings will be kept. Sportsmanship, fun and fair play will be emphasized. The league will run June 5th-June 30th. Tow games will be played each week. Games will be held Tuesday and Thursdays for T-Ball & Machine Pitch. Games will be held Wednesday and Friday for Coach Pitch. All games will be held at Pheasant Brook Park (400 N 800 W). 

Registration Deadline: May 5th (late registration May 6th-12th, space permitting)
T-Ball (ages 4-5)   Coach Pitch (ages 6-7)   Machine Pitch (ages 8-9)
Fee: $45

TEAM INFO & FRIEND REQUEST: Teams will be formed based on elementary school boundary.  Participants are allowed to request ONE friend to play with on the same team. Friends MUST request each other and sign up BEFORE the league deadline for the best possible chance to be placed on the same team. Friend requests are NOT GUARANTEED, but we do make our best effort to fulfill them. If the person you requested did not request your child, chances are they will not be placed on the same team. If you want to request more than one friend, please sign up as a TEAM. 

TEAM REGISTRATION: To avoid confusion, coaches who want to create a team are required to fill out a team roster form at the Lindon Community Center. A digital copy is also available by e-mailing the league coordinator, Jacob Boone, at jboone@lindoncity.org. This form will help us insure the placement of the correct players on your team. Max per team varies for each sport. Max numbers CANNOT be exceeded. Players who are listed on your team roster will be placed on your team ONLY if they register BEFORE the program deadline. Those who are listed on your roster, but miss the deadline will NOT be guaranteed a spot on your team. 

 Click here to sign up!

Utah's ELITE soccer camp is here in Lindon City! Have your child trained by former college soccer athletes this summer.
Visit the website below for information and registration!
Dates: June 25-29       Location: Pheasant Brook Park (400 N 800 W)

Ages 4-5 $30 Mon-Fri, 9:00-9:45 AM
Ages 6-7 $40 Mon-Fri 10:00-11:00 AM
Ages 8-9 $50 Mon-Fri 12:00-1:15 PM
Ages 10-12 $60 Mon-Fri 1:30-3:00 PM



NEW Youth & Adult Kickball League Registration: June
Elite Soccer Summer Camp
Indoor Soccer Registration: September 17th

Basketball Registration: October 1st