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Planner - presentation materials

The proposal you will be evaluating is a request for approval by the Planning Commission of a new ‘site plan’ to construct an office building in the Light Industrial (LI) zone. Office uses are a permitted use in the LI zone. The report and presentation shall be based on the requirements and information provided below.


-       Present a PowerPoint presentation and written staff report for up to eight individuals.

o   Presentation should be no longer than 10 minutes.

o   Staff report should be no longer than two pages of written findings, codes, or informational material. Additional pages for photos, diagrams, etc. is acceptable.

o   A computer with Microsoft Office and projector will be available for your use. You can bring your PowerPoint presentation on a flash drive, CD, or bring your own lap top to connect to the projector.

o   Not all provided information may be relevant or necessary to include in the presentation and/or written staff report. Click on the links below for application materials, code sections, etc.

Land Use Application - Lindon Heights Office Complex

Application description from applicant

Applicable Lindon City Code sections

Site Map

Site Plan pg 1,   Site Plan pg 2,   Site Plan pg 3,   Site Plan pg 4

Photos:  1030 West,   400 North,   Color / Arch style sample

Building elevations