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Lindon City Secondary Water Metering Project

Lindon City has a secondary water system also known as pressurized irrigation (PI), which provides irrigation water to most of the residential areas of the city. The system was installed in about 1993 and consists of a series of water storage ponds, tanks, pipes, pumps and canals. Water is supplied by North Union Irrigation Company, Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD), and other smaller irrigation companies to Lindon reservoirs during the summer months. This water is screened, but not filtered, and as such is not suitable as drinking water. It is only meant to be used for outdoor watering such as landscape and lawns. Water is available through this system from approximately the end of April to mid-October. The service is billed year-round through a monthly base rate. 

Why are meters being installed on secondary water connections? 
Lindon City and the State of Utah realize that our water sources are limited and must be conserved. Metering of water usage has proven effective in reducing water use and helping to conserve this limited resource. Since 2016, some areas of Lindon west of Geneva Road have had secondary water meters installed when a new secondary water residential connection was constructed. Starting in April 2019, the State of Utah required ALL new secondary water connections to have meters installed to monitor the secondary water usage. In more recent State legislation, due to significant drought and limited water supplies, the State required all secondary water providers (such as Lindon City) to install meters on all existing secondary water connections or face potential penalties. The State provided grant opportunities for secondary water providers to off-set costs of this significant effort. Lindon City intends to comply with this mandate and supports water conservation efforts. It is expected that the installation of secondary water meters will reduce water consumption by up to 20%.

How much will this project cost? 
This project consists of installing 2,616 new secondary water meters at an estimated cost of $3,204,000. To cover this cost, Lindon City has obtained grants in the amounts of $1,963,000 from the State of Utah Division of Water Resources and $400,000 from the Central Utah Water Conservancy District. In addition to the grants the City is also including previously saved matching dollars in the amount of $841,000. Some additional expenses related to design and engineering of the project are being paid from water fund reserves. Bottom line: Residents who have an existing secondary water connection and do not have a secondary meter will not be charged for installation of the new meters. 

When will the new meters be installed? 
Installation of the new secondary water meters will occur over this winter (2022-23) and into the summer of 2023. We hope all existing connections to the secondary system will have a meter installed by end of September of 2023. 

What can I expect when a secondary water meter is installed on my property? 
 Click HERE to watch a video showing installation of a secondary water meter during the summer. (The video below shows the material around the meter box being dug by hand. However, the contractor hired to perform this work, Hydro Vac Excavation LLC, will be removing soil around the box with a large vactor truck that liquifies and vacuums up the soil.) 
NOTEMeter installations completed during the winter (before secondary water is turned on) will NOT have grass/sod replaced around the meter box until Summer of 2023. Frozen grass pieces or sod replaced prior to sprinklers being turned on is unlikely to survive. Therefore, construction crews will be returning to all properties to install sod where needed during the summer of 2023. 
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: If I already have a secondary water connection, is having a meter installed at my property optional?
    • A: No. The City is required by the State of Utah to install a secondary water meter on every existing secondary water connection. All new construction has had meters installed on secondary water services since April 2019.
  • Q: Will the City charge me for meter installation if I currently have a secondary water service?
    • A: No. Funding of meters for existing development is provided by the City through local funds and by grants obtained through the State of Utah Division of Water Resources and the Central Utah Water Conservancy District. New development is required to pay for their secondary water meters at the time of construction.
  • Q: When the secondary system was built 30 years ago, I was told by city officials that a meter would never be installed and/or that the flat rate fee would never be increased. Why are things changing now? 
    • A: We understand that some statements were made 30 years ago regarding the operation of the secondary water system in Lindon. The status of water availability due to drought conditions and growing demand for water in Utah has changed significantly during that period of time. The State of Utah has recently passed a law that meters are to be installed on all secondary connections state-wide. Water providers who do not install secondary meters will face fines and penalties. Lindon City intends to comply with this law. The State has provided a limited opportunity for funding to assist water providers in paying for the secondary metering. The funding assistance provided to Lindon City by the State is required to be used by the summer of 2023. So, that’s why this project is happening now.
  • Q: Will the installation affect my drinking (culinary) water?
    • A: No. Drinking water is on a separate system and will not be affected by installing a secondary water meter.
  • Q: Will the secondary water meter affect irrigation water pressure?
    • A: No. The meters should not impact water pressure. 
  • Q: Who will install the meter?
    • A: Lindon City is contracting with private construction company (Hydro Vac Excavation) to install the meters on behalf of the City. City work crews will follow the construction companies to inspect the work being done and to activate the secondary water meters and connect them to the proper utility account. 
  • Q: Do I need to be home for the meter installation?
    • A: No. You do not need to be home when the meter is installed.
  • Q: Will the hose bib/spigot in the city-owned service box be removed?
    • A: Yes. This service box belongs to the City. Access to the utility box is restricted to City employees only. A new shut-off valve and meter will be installed in the service box. Any valves, filters, or fittings that were in the service box prior to installation will be removed. If you would like to install a hose bib down the line from the service box, it will be your responsibility to do so and will need to be installed in a separate utility box from the meter.
  • Q: Will my landscaping in the installation area be restored?
    • A: Somewhat*. The contractor will restore ground surface landscaping as closely as possible to pre-installation conditions, but will NOT be able to restore any flowers, shrubs, trees or other significant plant material that needs to be removed within 3-feet of the box. If a service box is covered by landscaping, it will have to be cleared for both the installation and for permanent City access. While grass is fine, home owners are strongly encouraged to please trim / clear all trees, shrubs, bushes, plants, etc. within a 3-ft radius around the service box to allow for the installation and permanent maintenance of the service box.
      • *NOTE: Grass/sod around meter boxes will not be restored until the summer of 2023. We are unable to install grass/sod until sod is available and the secondary water system is operating to ensure the sod can be adequately watered by the property owner. 
  • Q: What if I'm concerned with the active construction occurring in my yard or how the work has been completed?
    • A: Please first call Hydro Vac Excavation at 385-465-4687 to see if they can resolve the concern. If you don't feel your concerns have been resolved by Hydro Vac Excavation you may call Lindon Public Works at 801-796-7954 (M-F 7:00am to 3:30pm). 
  • Q: What if there is a leak at the meter or another problem with my secondary water service after the meter is installed?
    • A: Please call Lindon Public Works at 801-796-7954 (M-F 7:00am to 3:30pm). After hours, holidays, or weekends, please call our on-call service at 801-229-7070.
  • Q: After the secondary meter is installed, will I be able to view my secondary water use data to show how much water I'm using?
    • A: Yes. You will be able to view and download your actual secondary water usage through an app or a computer.  Additional details on how to obtain this information will be provided after your new meter is activated. 
  • Q: Will I see new meter charges on my utility bill? 
    • A: Not at this time. The existing flat rate structure will continue until the City is entirely metered and usage data has been collected for 2 to 3 years. You will be able to review your usage before any new fee structure goes into effect. A new rate structure will be developed, presented and adopted in future public budget hearings.
  • Q: Will my secondary water bill go up once metered rates are charged?
    • A: Maybe. If you use a conservative amount of secondary water for your property your bill could remain similar to what it is now. However, the size of your property and how much water you use to irrigate will be significant factors. More information regarding future possible rates will be established and communicated after the meters are installed and the City collects usage data over the next 2 to 3 watering seasons.
  • Q: What if I am building a new home? Will a secondary meter be installed?
    • A: Yes. All new construction is required by State law to have both a drinking water meter and secondary water meter (where the secondary water system is available) installed at the time of construction. This cost is included as part of the building permit fee and not covered as part of this project. All new construction since April 2019 has been fitted with secondary meters at the time of connection in areas where the secondary water system is available.
  • Q: What if I don't currently have a secondary water connection but now I want one?
    • A: Please contact Public Works (801-796-7954, M-F 7:00am - 3:30pm).

Sample door hanger that you will see before construction in your neighborhood begins:

Please do the following to help with this project:

  •         Do not park on the street during this project. Construction vehicles will need street access in front of your property.
  •         Remove all hoses, etc. from PI boxes.
  •         Remove all ground coverings or plants within a 3’ radius of the city PI box (typically the closest box to the street). This includes shrubbery, tree limbs, landscape bark or rock, etc. You do not need to remove grass around the box. Plant materials around the box (other than grass) will not be replaced.
  •         Spigots for hoses that are in the city PI box will be removed. Residents may later install their own spigot in their own PI box.

NOTE:  Grass/sod removed around the PI box will NOT be replaced until SUMMER 2023 when PI water is turned on and sod is available.

For questions during construction contact:

Hydro Vac Excavation LLC