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Carolyn Lundberg - Candidate Bio/Profile

I am grateful to have lived and raised my family in the wonderful City of Lindon for 27 years. The reason I got involved in the community was to make a difference standing for our values, our families, and our freedom.  As a candidate for mayor, I hope to bring the experience and dedication of serving Lindon for 3 years as a Planning Commissioner and 7 years as a Councilmember. This invaluable training ground has given me the opportunity to learn the complexities of city management, balance budgets, eliminate debt, create data-driven decisions, bring innovative ideas, shape complex city code, solve resident concerns, build statewide relationships, actively advocate for our city, and boldly tackle hard issues. 

For 10 years I have proven I will work for you. Many know me as someone who is not afraid to speak up, listen and counsel with residents, and work with others to get things done. Lindon is a well-managed city, but we can always do more.  This is why I promise to continue to be accessible, fiscally conservative and do the work necessary to preserve our quality of life to make Lindon not only the best today, but 50 years in the future.

As an entrepreneur and Executive Vice-President of Accelerant Business Solutions, we have created over 400 jobs as part of our mission to change lives in underserved rural communities right here in Utah. I understand the value of establishing a clear vision and the work required to make it a reality.  

Wise Fiscal Management– As part of the City Council, I have helped keep Lindon’s liabilities and debt low and our “Rainy day” reserve fund high. We built and paid off the public safety building early and have allocated millions of dollars in investment towards our roads - all without raising taxes or fees. Lindon now has core water and other infrastructure needs on the horizon. I will continue to find efficiencies in our budget, grants and other “outside the box” opportunities to avoid raising taxes or fees.

Safety –After serving as the council public safety liaison, I recognize hiring the best experienced officers and building positive community connection with our police and first responders keeps our city safe and thriving. I have actively supported robust emergency plans, HAM radio networks, new CERT teams, and improved community resources such as Everbridge communication to continue my goal to ensure Lindon is prepared to weather any sort of disaster.

Economic Development – As current liaison and board member of the PG-Lindon Chamber of Commerce, I’m proactively working for quality development, amenities and attracting businesses to Lindon so that we may have a solid revenue base, jobs and places to enjoy in our community.

Creating An Identifiable Downtown Lindon – By leading a citizen-involved committee, an Area Plan Vision for the 700 North corridor near I-15 has been developed and adopted. The hope is to create a “Placemaker” Lindon Village Plaza and main street promenade that includes retail, restaurant and entertainment along with transit hubs. I will continue to work tirelessly providing the leadership needed to bring stakeholders and partners together to make this vision a reality.

Fight For Local Control – State and Federal overreach is a real and constant threat. I will continue to be a voice and presence on Capitol Hill, communicating with other elected Representatives to preserve our Constitutional freedoms and our ability to manage our own city and personal lives.

Preserve and Improve Our Town – During my time as a council liaison for Parks and Recreation, I promoted open space, trails, trees and landscape in our public and commercial areas with water-wise practices.  Driving code regulation updates has helped foster attractive design and manage growth strategically to preserve Lindon’s unique community values. I will prioritize the beautification of our State and Center Street corridors, work to create a Youth Council to involve and teach our future leaders, and foster community connection.

Open-Door Policy – My deepest desire has always been to listen and learn. Keeping residents informed and allowing voices to be heard is my top priority. I DO make a point to respond and chase down the details when a resident has an issue. Please contact me anytime at 801-358-6965 to chat about your concerns or ideas to make Lindon the best city in which to live, work and play!