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Headstone Requirements

Per City Code 8.32.190


Within ninety (90) days after the interment, the owner or relatives shall place or cause to be placed upon the grave, a suitable marker with the name of the deceased person plainly inscribed thereon.



All grave markers shall be securely set in a concrete foundation at least six inches (6") thick, or the grave marker shall consist of one solid piece of granite six inches (6”) thick. All grave markers shall also be surrounded by a six inch (6”) wide border of concrete or granite that will act as a mowing strip.

Markers for a full size lot, shall have a maximum length of forty inches (40") for single burials, and eighty inches (80") for double burials, with a maximum width of forty inches (40").

Markers where infants or urns are buried shall not exceed forty inches (40") by twenty-five inches (25").

Maximum dimensions listed above include the six inch (6”) concrete or granite border.