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Cole D. Hooley - Candidate Bio/Profile

My Lindon roots run deep. I am a 6th generation resident of Lindon; my family has called Lindon home for 150 years. I was raised in this wonderful city. Love and loyalty for this place, its people, its culture, and its way of life are in my DNA. I want to preserve what’s great about our little bit of country.

In addition to deep roots, I also bring a fresh perspective. After college I moved from Lindon to Massachusetts to attend graduate school where I got my masters in social work. I then worked as a social worker in New York City for several years providing mental health services. Then we moved to St. Louis where I got a PhD. I actively participated in these communities and learned wonderful lessons. I’m so excited to be back in Lindon.  I want to import the ideas that fit with the Lindon I know and love and that will help meet its goals.

I’m a professor at BYU now where I teach graduate social work students how to provide mental health counseling, I conduct research on helping organizations and government agencies to get what works to the people who need it, and I maintain a small private mental health counseling practice. My wife and I have four wonderful girls.

I have expertise and wide-ranging experiences that are unique and would be assets to the city council. 

I am a deep listener, relationship cultivator, bridge builder, data analyzer, citizen advocator, and common sense problem solver who loves Lindon and wants to see it thrive for generations to come.

My commitments to you if elected. I will be: 

  • Accessible - I want to understand what will make life better for you. Feel free to phone, text, email, messenger, or stop me when you see me in the community. I will also proactively seek your input. My email address is listed above, my phone number is 801-636-3634.
  • Responsive - I will listen and will respond. You deserve to feel heard. 
  • Transparent - I will share what I know, how I vote, and why I voted that way.

Learn more about me, my take on current issues, and my ideas at