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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Do I have to come into see the judge to take care of my ticket, or can I just pay the fine?
ANSWER: It depends on the type of charge listed on your ticket. If you have a moving violation charge such as speeding or failure to yield, then most likely you can just pay without seeing the judge. However, you will need to set up a court date if you have a mandatory appearance charge such as driving on revocation, theft, or a drug-related offense.

QUESTION: Is Traffic School available in Lindon City?
ANSWER: Yes, but only to those who qualify. Please contact the court to see if you qualify.

QUESTION: Can I take Traffic School if I get a Highway Patrol ticket?
ANSWER: Yes, if you are eligible. 

QUESTION: If I choose to go to traffic school, what fees do I have to pay?
ANSWER:  You will need to pay the cost of the citation plus the $60 fee for Traffic School.

QUESTION: Can I register for Traffic School over the phone?
ANSWER:  No. You must sign the Traffic School Agreement in person. You should first contact the court to see if you qualify for Traffic School. Your ticket fine must be paid at the same time that you register. Contact the Lindon Justice Court at 801-785-1971 for details. 

QUESTIONIs on-line traffic school available?
ANSWER: Yes. Please contact the Lindon City Justice Court at 801-785-1971 for further information and to find out if you qualify.

QUESTION: If I want to contest my ticket, what are my options?
ANSWER: You may call the court to schedule an appointment with the Judge.  

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE JUDGE IS SEEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! Traffic School is usually not an option if you contest the ticket.