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Lindon General Plan & Recreation Survey Results

Lindon City has a ‘General Plan’ document that consists of goals, policies, and maps intended to help guide the future development of the city for the next 20 to 50 years. The document is periodically updated to ensure adequate planning for the future. A ‘General Plan Committee’, made up of citizens throughout Lindon, has been formed to assess the plan and the future needs/desires of the city. They have made some recommendations for updates to the plan and gathered additional citizen input on the issues through completion of a community survey.

The City collected responses to the survey over a 6-month period (between July and December 2010) and received 730 completed surveys. We feel this is a fabulous amount of responses that will help guide the future planning and development of Lindon. The survey data was presented to the public in an open house on November 30, 2010. Results will be incorporated into the 2010-2015 General Plan.

Click HERE to view detailed results of the survey.

The following links correspond to the open-ended questions within the survey. Written responses were categorized and totaled. Any category that had five or more similar comments were shown on the following graphs. Comments with four or fewer similar responses were placed in the "other" category on the graphs. NOTE: The questions below were solely open-ended responses. Other multiple choice questions also had comments submitted, but are not posted on the web site. The full set of responses are available for public inspection at the Lindon Community Development Department.

Question #5 - Issue that deserves the greatest attention at the present time.

Question #8 - Additional amenities desired at the Aquatics Center.

Question #10
- Other youth programs the city should offer.

Question #27 - Important items for city to consider for long-term goals and guidelines.