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Heritage Trees

Heritage trees are trees of any species or size that have been deemed as significant either because they are botanically significant (the only one of its species in the state or the largest specimen in the state) or significant on the basis of their national, state, or regional history (planted by a pioneer or present at the site of a historic event or location). The list of heritage trees remains open for additions and new categories.

A heritage tree is protected by Utah law. The Utah Division of Forestry takes applications for noteworthy trees from citizens of Utah and sends a forester to determine if a tree qualifies for the heritage designation. The tree is then protected. Utah has seven trees on the National Heritage Tree Registry. One Utah Heritage Tree, an evergreen, has been designated in Lindon.

Trees are important to Utahns. When Brigham Young and the pioneers first arrived in Utah, there were very few trees in the valleys. Settlers began planting trees to make our state a more enjoyable place to live. Today trees significantly effect the environment and the social atmosphere, increase property values, and add a sense of community to living in Utah.

Trees planted by the pioneers and others since then are in jeopardy of being lost to the pressures of modern-day living. Trees are often in the way of progress—plans to widen streets, put in new sidewalks, build new schools, or develop new subdivisions and commercial areas may call for the removal of trees that are part of Utah’s heritage.

As a Lindon City Tree Board, we hope to be able to help Lindon citizens identify and protect heritage trees in our community. We plan to provide education on trees and tree care for each Lindon citizen so that informed decisions will be made when choosing and planting trees in public, commercial, and residential areas. In so doing, Lindon will retain high economic values, increase our sense of community, and continue to provide the asthetics and social atmosphere which makes our city great.