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Historical Preservation Commission

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Historic Preservation Commission: 
City Ordinance LCC 2.38    |    HPC Agendas    |    HPC Minutes
2024 Meeting Schedule
Life in Lindon didn't always include sidewalks, street lights, or paved roads.  

The Lindon City Historical Commission is an advisory board organized to make recommendations to the City Council concerning their various assignments, including educating the public concerning the historic preservation and cultural heritage of Lindon, and continuing longstanding community traditions, such as the annual Christmas Tree Lighting. The Commission also surveys historical locations in the City of Lindon and determines what, if any, funds are available to restore and maintain the sites. The Commission is made up of several Lindon residents that are appointed by the Mayor and City Council to serve two-year terms on the Commission.

Current Historic Commission members are: Bret Swalberg (Chair), Sheron Drake (Vice-Chair), Deborah Bagley, Jennifer and David Eaves, and Chelsea and Brian Beutler. 
The Historical Commission typically meets on the second Monday of each month. The meeting is open to the public and is held at 6:30pm in the Community Development Conference Room in the Lindon City Center, 100 N State St, Lindon. For information on Commission projects or events, contact the City at 801-785-7687. 

A brochure identifying 18 historical sites in Lindon is available at the Community Development Department, or it is linked below. It was developed with assistance and funding from the Lindon Historical Preservation Committee and the Utah Division of State History. The brochure is meant to be a self-guided tour and identifies many of the existing historical markers already in town. Each site has a brief description, the address and a photo of the building or site. It is hoped that this historical guide will help to remind us of the pioneers who settled this area and their dedication in making Lindon a thriving, beautiful place to live. Some of the buildings in the guide are no longer standing; however, visiting these sites may allow us to visualize the places of residence, work and worship of our honored Lindon settlers. For a copy of the brochure, or further written information on the history of Lindon, please contact the City 801-785-7687.

In The News


dfg Former Lindon City Historical Commission Chair, Lynn LeMone (right) and former commission member, Van Ercanbrack stand next to the date block where a new time capsule was placed to commemorate the opening of the Lindon City Community Center. Lynn's service to the community was recognized in a newspaper article published by the Daily Herald. 

In Depth History Projects

Lindon Community Center (Red Brick Church on Main St)

On July 4, 2010 a time capsule was opened that had been sealed for 61 years behind the corner stone of the historic Main Street LDS chapel. The photo above shows community and church members that gathered to celebrate the opening of the time capsule originally placed in the cornerstone of the building in August of 1949. The celebration marked one of the last ecclesiastical events to occur in the building while owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The church has outgrown the building, which was slated for demolition after completion of a new LDS chapel on 500 North in Lindon. The city was able to negotiate purchase of the property from the LDS Church with intentions of using the building as a community and senior center. The Lindon City Historic Preservation Commission was happy to participate in displaying of the items found within the time capsule. Below are links to copies of some of the items found within the time capsule.

Large group photo - July 4, 2010    |    Group photo of those present at original 1949 building dedication - July 4, 2010

Documents found in time capsule:
Names of residents that dedicated money to the building construction, signatures of those present at 1949 time capsule dedication, town history, etc.    1952 building dedication program / pamphlet    |    Transcript of 1952 dedication service    |    History of the Lindon Ward
History of the Lindon Ward Relief Society    |    History of the original Lindon church house on 400 North
Original Lindon LDS Chapel on 400 North
1891 - 1941
Lindon Ward LDS Main Street chapel


Other Projects and Events:

Tree Lighting Ceremony (Held annually on 1st Monday evening in December)    |    Pioneer home replica in Pioneer Park - 150 South 500 East    |     Historic site signs / monument markers    |    Lindon Heritage Trail & Historic places signs


Lindon - Our Town, published 1983 dfg Lindon Historic Sites Brochure

This book covers Lindon history from 1924 to 1983. It's filled with stories about life for
early Lindon residents, and includes many historical photographs. 
This brochure gives a somewhat comprehensive
overview of Lindon's 28 historical buildings or sites.
Hardcopies are available in the Community
Development office.

Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5
Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11
  Lindon historic sites tour brochure
Have a story about Lindon's history? 
Contact us today at 801-785-7687 or send it to