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Jake Hoyt - Candidate Bio/Profile

I am running for another term on the Lindon City Council because I love Lindon.  The past eight years have been wonderful, but I think that the city faces many important issues over the next several years.  I was born and raised in Lindon, and after marrying my wife and living out of Lindon for a year, we realized just how special Lindon is.  Now that we have made it back to Lindon, it is my goal to make sure that it continues to be a great place to live and raise my family.  Here are a few of the values I stand for:

Conservative Budgeting:

  • I believe in developing budgets that are fiscally conservative, balanced, and transparent.  This includes avoiding debt and paying debt down early as we have done on several occasions while I've been on the city council.  It is my opinion that with our current tax base, and by remaining prudent in our spending, Lindon can continue to grow and offer excellent amenities without raising taxes of any sort.

Focus on business:

  • We must continue to focus on existing and new businesses.  Business friendly codes allow Lindon businesses to compete with neighboring cities as well as attract new business.  When our businesses are successful, our sales tax revenues increase and it allows us to keep other taxes low.  As a community banker, I work closely with many Lindon businesses and love to hear how great Lindon is to work with.

Housing/Low Density:

  • Utah County is growing at an extreme rate and Lindon is approached regularly with plans to increase the amount of high density in Lindon. I have regularly fought against high density and pushed for low density development of our city. I believe that the open spaces and low density neighborhoods are a big part of what makes Lindon so unique and great.


  • We have placed more money into roads over the past eight years than has ever been spent before.  We have been able to do this without creating a new tax or utility fee like many other cities.  Roads and other crucial infrastructure will continue to be a focus for me.
It would be a privilege and honor to continue to serve on the Lindon City Council. I am dedicated to working hard and making the right decisions so that Lindon will continue to be a great city to live in.  Please contact me at 801-368-7383 with any questions or concerns.