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Jennifer Price - Candidate Bio/Profile

I believe in protecting what we love.  Lindon has been an awesome place for my husband and I to raise our family, and we love it.  As a public servant on the Lindon City Council, I intend to help protect Lindon as a place for families and businesses to thrive.  I’m a soccer mom—a “god, family, country” patriot who believes that for us to thrive, government must be limited and fiscally responsible.  

With the council, I’ll focus my efforts on two areas.  First, I will promote zoning laws that respect our property rights, protect values, help families, and support manageable growth.  Second, I will make sure we take care of our men and women in uniform.  Our police and fire departments deserve the best training, support, and salaries our property tax dollars can buy.  Lindon City provides other essential or important services, such as utilities, recreation, and senior programs, that I will also support in a fiscally sound way.

My husband is a physician with St. Mark’s Hospital, and we have two children.  They both attend Franklin Discovery Academy, a charter school I founded in 2016.  I have an MBA and an MS in Instructional Technology.  I’ve started and sold a few businesses, worked for 15 years at BYU, and enjoy hobbies such as art, traveling, movies, and designing books.

Together, let’s keep Lindon a great place for us and for our children and grandchildren!