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Kathy Stillwell

Kathy serves children at Aspen Elementary, and is a 20 year veteran crossing guard.  She reports to the crosswalk 5 times a day, 5 days a week.  Wow!

Some of her favorite memories include talking to the kids, seeing work they've completed, and hearing about other activities, like how piano lessons are going.  She takes a personal interest in each of the children. 

Kathy also remembers one young boy announcing loudly that "she was my mom's crossing guard!"  So she's on her second generation of students! 

Kathy loves running into students in other places, like the grocery store, and getting to say hello to them there. 

Some of Kathy's safety concerns include drivers going through the crosswalk when she is in the crosswalk holding her stop sign to help children cross safely.  She has nearly been hit on more than one occassion.  She asks drivers to SLOW DOWN, pay attention, don't run over traffic cones, GET OFF YOUR CELL PHONE, and don't inch up to the crosswalk.  

Officer John Lloyd has observed Kathy's interaction with her students, and is impressed with the relationship she has with each of them, including passing out candy on occassion!! 

Parents in Lindon (and Orem) thank Kathy for her many years watching out for our children!!!