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Lindon Justice Court

100 North State Street - Lindon, UT 84042    
(801) 785-1971      
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Judge Brook Sessions 
Lindon City Justice Court Judge 

COURT HEARINGS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - Call  the Court Clerk to schedule an appointment

Court is held on Thursdays only and starts promptly at 9:00 A.M.  You may schedule an appointment with the court clerk at (801) 785-1971. The Judge is seen by appointment only. Please don’t be late. Court starts on time.

  • Most criminal violations require an appearance before the Judge.
  • No Insurance, Driving on Suspension, or Driving on Revocation tickets require you to appear before the Judge. 
    (These fines are subject to change at the discretion of the Judge).
  • Court is closed on all major holidays including Pioneer Day (July 24th).  


  • No weapons. This includes any sharp or bladed instrument.  Security is not allowed to hold these items for you.  Please leave them at home or in your vehicle.
  • No photography or recording allowed. Photography and/or recording of proceedings are only allowed upon written prior approval from the Justice Court Judge.
  • All Courtroom proceedings are recorded. 

*Click Here to Pay Online*

Do NOT pay your ticket online if you plan to take Traffic School. 
Please call the court at (801) 785-1971 to make your payment and get emailed the Traffic School link.

Pay in person:

Appear at the Lindon Justice Court located at 100 N State Street, Monday – Friday (excluding most state & national holidays) between the hours of 8 am – 5:00 pm.  Please Note: There will be a 3% service charge for all payments made by card; there will be no fee assessed for cash payments.

Pay by phone:

Payment by credit card can be made over the phone by calling (801) 785-1971, Monday – Friday (excluding most state and national holidays) between the hours of 8 am – 5:00 pm. Please Note: There will be a 3% service charge for all payments made by card.

We accept:
Master card
American Express


Do NOT pay your ticket online if you plan to take Traffic School.
Please call the court at (801) 785-1971 if you would like to sign up for Traffic School

The Lindon City Justice Court offers Traffic School for minor traffic violations to those who qualify. Traffic School is available online and has two benefits: it removes the points on your license from the traffic violation, and the traffic violation is dismissed.

If you are interested in Traffic School, you MUST contact the Lindon Justice Court to verify that you qualify. You must register with the Lindon Justice Court before you are allowed to take traffic school. Please note that you may not take Traffic School without first signing up with the court clerk. 

Traffic School Eligibility:

 *You might qualify for Lindon City Traffic School if you were cited for a moving violation (e.g. speeding, following too closely, etc.) and—
  1. Your driver’s license is currently valid;
  2. You do NOT have a CDL (commercial driver license);
  3. You have NOT had any moving violations in Lindon in the past 6 months;
  4. Your citation is NOT for any offense relating to a traffic accident or to an injury;
  5. You were NOT cited for more than two moving violations;
  6. Your citation is NOT for any offense that requires a mandatory appearance before the Judge; and
  7. Your citation is NOT for any of the following offenses (list is not exhaustive):
    1. Speeding 21 m.p.h. or more over the speed limit;
    2. Careless Driving or Reckless Driving;
    3. Speed Contest or Exhibition of Speed;
    4. Speeding in a School Zone; or
    5. Any charge involving driving under the influence, impaired driving, etc.

 *Please note that this list is not exhaustive. Please contact the court to verify that you qualify for Traffic School.
**Seat Belt Violation, a Vehicle Registration Violation, and a No Insurance or No Proof of Insurance Violation are NOT moving violations and do NOT qualify for Traffic School.



Fix-it tickets need to be signed off by an Officer then turned into the court within 14 days of the violation to be eligible for dismissal, if you need more time please contact the court so we can assist you with that. You can submit a fix-it ticket for dismissal, Monday – Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please contact the court with further questions regarding your fix-it ticket.


The City of Lindon Justice Court does the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) for all small claims cases. 

The City of Lindon Justice Court has jurisdiction over small claims cases if the defendant (person being sued) resides in Lindon City or the debt arose within the Lindon City limits.

Small claims can be filed for a claim up to $11,000.  The claim must be for actual damages (can’t file for treble damages).

The fee to file a small claims case is as follows:

  • $60 if the claim is less than $2,000
  • $100 if the claim is for $2,001 – $7,500
  • $185 if the claim is for $7,501 – $11,000

After the case is filed with the court, the plaintiff (person filing the claim) is responsible to serve the defendant notice of the suit.


Small Claims Affidavit and Summons
Notice to Plaintiff of Online Dispute Resolution
Request to be Excused from Online Dispute Resolution


A violation of No Proof of Insurance can be dismissed when verification in the form of a letter is presented to the court with the following required information:

  • Letter must be on insurance agency letterhead.
  • Current date.
  • Name of insured.  If the name is different than the person who received the citation, the letter must include an explanation indicating that the driver had the permission of the owner and is covered under that policy.
  • Vehicle description (must match the vehicle on the citation).
  • Coverage was in effect on the date and time the citation was issued.
  • Agent’s signature.
  • Citation or case number.

Present this letter in person at the address below:

         Lindon Justice Court
         100 North Center Street
         Lindon, Utah  84042

You can also have your agent email the letter to If the letter is emailed, you must call the court at (801) 785-1971 to verify that the letter was received.


Step 1. Go to to learn about the process, and apply for expungement. 

Step 2. Once you have received your certificates of expungement you will need to fill out paperwork for EACH certificate.


Step 3. Bring in filled out paperwork and certificate OR certificate number to the court.

Step 4. The court will contact you once the Judge has signed off on the expungement and let you know your next steps with us, which will include payment and number of copies you will need.

Step 5. You will need to provide paperwork of expungement to all agencies.  It is YOUR responsibility to serve the Expungement order to ALL of the affected agencies. You will receive 4-5 copies of the order to distribute as follows: 

  •       Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) 
  •      The arresting agency 
  •      The booking agency (only if you were booked) 
  •       The Prosecutor 
  •       Your records

*Please note that until each agency receives the completed and certified packet, the case is not expunged in that agency.


Disclaimer:  Please note the purpose of this website is to provide legal information to the public and should not be considered legal advice. It is up to you (and your attorney) to decide on what legal course to take. The Court and Court Clerks may provide information to you, but they cannot give you any advice on what you should do. If you would like legal advice, please consult the Legal Resources link below.