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Other Citation Information

The State of Utah mandates that a defendant must contact the court no less than 5 working days or more than 14 calendar days after receiving the citation. A “Failure to Appear” warrant may be issued, a fee added and your driver’s license suspended if the defendant is not in compliance with this law.


Personal checks, Cashiers Checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Money Orders are accepted for payment of court fines. Make checks payable to: Lindon Justice Court. Please put your case number or citation number on the check to ensure application to your case. Returned checks incur a mandatory 23.00 service charge and an additional Class “B” misdemeanor charge of $137.00 and issuance of a cash only warrant of arrest.

Payment to clear a returned check must be CASH, DEBIT CARD, CASHIERS CHECK OR MONEY ORDER.