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Lindon City Police Department

Residents of Lindon City are served by our own Lindon City Police Department. The Lindon City Police Department began serving Lindon residents full time on Tuesday, July 1, 2008.

Open Burn Information

The state Department of Environmental Quality issued the dates when open burning is possible this year. They have also reminded us of the regulations which require completion and approval of an on-line permit application for anyone wanting to open-burn for any reason. Open burning is considered daily by the DEQ and is allowed only if the “Clearing Index” is high enough to allow it. Completed and approved permits must be on-site with the responsible person at the location of the open burn.  Click here for open burn application.  Click here for the DEQ (Dept. of Environmental Quality) website.

Fire and EMS Services

Full time Fire and EMS service to Lindon City began on July 1, 2008. Personnel of the Orem Department of Public Safety provide full time response to Lindon residents & businesses from our own fire facilities located in the Public Safety Building at 90 N. State Street. The Firefighter/Paramedics responding from the Lindon fire station are highly trained professionals, with Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) capabilities. Three crews of firefighters are assigned full time to work from the Lindon station. Lindon City benefits greatly from the high level of professionalism and additional man-power and equipment accessible to Lindon through our Fire/EMS service contract with Orem City.