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Shawn D. Moon - Candidate Bio/Profile

I have lived in beautiful Lindon, Utah for the past 25 years and I’m grateful to have raised my family in this community. I have spent my entire career leading organizations and working with executives at all levels to train them how to effectively lead. I am currently the CEO of Zerorez Franchising Systems, which has created thousands of jobs across the United States and Canada and is headquartered in Utah County. I want to bring that leadership experience to Lindon City for the benefit of our citizenry in general and for my grandchildren in particular.

My vision for Lindon encompasses three important elements:

  • To preserve and reinforce our foundation of community, kindness, and growth.
  • To promote our unique and special identity. I love living in a community where people can have farms and gardens, ride horses, and enjoy open spaces.
  • To create opportunities for our citizens to prosper. This includes developing gathering and economic centers that attract people both from within Lindon and other communities.

I believe in living our values. I believe in a government that models the values of integrity, service, preparedness, safety, kindness, unity and involvement, and that it is our duty to create that environment.

I believe in protecting our rights. I believe in protecting the rights of our citizens and that elected officials work for and serve the people, not the other way around.

I believe in fiscal responsibility. I believe that government should practice fiscal prudence, live within a budget, and vigorously avoid raising taxes while providing responsible solutions.

I believe in stimulating progress while protecting the core. I believe in creating opportunities for economic growth while ensuring Lindon continues to feel like Lindon.

I believe in our people. I believe our city is filled with good, committed, engaged, resourceful citizens who have the talent, capacity, and know-how to get things done.

I believe in working together. I believe that government and community members can and must work together synergistically to resolve issues and create a healthy, winning culture. I believe Lindon City can be a model and leader in both our county and state for how we work together.

I believe in local governance. I believe that community and state issues are best addressed at the local level.

I believe in listening. I believe in listening and that communication solves problems.

I believe in creating and maintaining a high trust culture. I believe that building a culture of high trust is a critical leadership competency for any elected official.

I believe in protecting our environment. I believe our stunning surroundings are a gift and that it is our obligation to preserve, protect and enhance them—our extraordinary trails, our beautiful hills, our open spaces, our parks, our community centers and our neighborhoods.

I am the former Executive Vice President of FranklinCovey, where I had responsibility for FranklinCovey’s worldwide Direct Offices. I founded FranklinCovey’s Government Services division, and for several years led the company’s efforts with local, state and federal agencies, including extensive work with military, civilian and law enforcement agencies. I was previously a Principal with Mellon Financial Corporation.  I am a Wall Street Journal best-selling author, having been featured in Forbes and Inc Magazine. I am the author or co-author of several books, one of which focuses specifically on creating effective government cultures and is used around the world at all levels of government.

I have served Lindon as both a state and county delegate. I have a passion for community service and have been involved in numerous non-profit endeavors that directly benefit our local community, including as Chairman of Utah Metropolitan Ballet, Provo Theatre Company board member, One Voice Children’s Choir board member, and on the Founders’ Board for the Stephen R. Covey Leadership Center at Utah State University.

I have a B.A. from Brigham Young University. My wife, Michele, and I have four children and five terrific grandchildren. For more information visit my website: You can also reach me at any time at: (801) 592-8007.

I believe in Lindon and I hope to be of service to this great community!