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Public Works - Storm Water Division

Lindon City Storm Water Management Program

The new State of Utah Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Permit (MS4) requires Lindon to implement an updated Storm Water Management Program (SWMP) by December 1, 2016. The State permit now requires on-site retention of storm water through Low Impact Development practices among other requirements. If you have a comment on  Lindon's SWMP document or implementation, please contact Paul Miller at or 801-796-7954.

Appendix A - Contractor & Business Supplemental Guide
(Including Stormwater Maintenance Agreement)


To REPORT ILLEGAL DISCHARGES or other storm water concerns, such as storm water drain backups, dumping into the storm water system, etc. or if you are witnessing an immediate violation, contact the Public Works Department M-F 7:00 am to 3:30 pm at 801-796-7954 or the Police Department after hours at (801) 229-7070.  Or send an email to the Stormwater Superintendent at

Please put "storm drain discharge" in the subject line and provide as much information as possible regarding your concerns in your email. 

Utah Lake - Cyan bacterial Algal Blooms - Please see the links below for important information.

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Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Information

Stormwater Coalition Informational Flyer

Paul Miller
Storm Water Superintendent

Matt Neer
Storm Water Technician

Utah County Storm Water Coalition

Click here
 for the informational flyer.

Storm Water Educational Videos

Click the link below to visit the Utah County Coalition Website which has some Educational Video links for citizens to view.

Lindon City Street Sweeping Program

Click Here to view information on Lindon City's Street Sweeping Program and guidelines.