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Tax and Fee Information



Lindon City property tax rate varies from year to year based on property values.  Certified Tax Rates are established by Utah County and approved / accepted by the City Council each year during the budget approval process. 

The Lindon City property tax rate for the 2021-2022 fiscal year is 0.000907

Because property taxes are based on a specific property valuation and also included other taxing entities levying taxes against the property, the total tax payment you see on your Property Tax Statement may vary year to year. Lindon City only collects a portion of the taxes shown on your property tax bill (typically between 13% to 16% of residential property taxes go to Lindon City). 


Energy Franchise Tax - 6%

Cable Franchise Tax - 5%

Telecommunications Franchise Tax - 3.5%

MUNICIPAL TRANSIENT ROOM TAX - 1% (Lindon's portion only)

E911 EMERGENCY TELEPHONE TAX - $0.61 per month (Lindon's portion only)


4.85% -   Sales and Use Tax (State's portion)
1.00% -   Local Sales and Use Tax (Lindon's portion)
0.25% -   Mass Transit Tax (UTA)
0.30% -   Mass Transit Fixed Guideway (UTA)
0.25% -   County Airport, Highway, Public Transit (Utah County)
0.25% -   County Option Sales Tax (Utah County approved for transportation funding)
0.10% -   Parks, Arts, Recreation, and Culture tax (Lindon PARC funding)
0.25% -   Transportation Infrastructure

Total Sales Tax Rate - 7.25%


In addition to tax revenues, Lindon City collects fees to cover the cost of various services.  Click here to view the Lindon City Fee Schedule and other budget documents.

Where Do My Tax Dollars Go?

Click here for information on how your tax dollars are allocated between federal, state, county and local governments. This presentation is a little outdated as it was prepared in 2009, but still has helpful information about taxation in Utah and Lindon.