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Traffic Tickets: General Information

You must contact the court between 5 and 14 days after you receive the ticket to take action on your ticket. Minor traffic violations may qualify for traffic school. If you fail to take care of your ticket in a timely manner, then you risk delinquency, a warrant, or both.

Traffic tickets (or citations) are issued for various reasons including minor traffic violations such as speeding, running a stop sign, and following too closely. Traffic tickets are issued by the Utah Highway Patrol, the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, and municipal police departments. Traffic tickets can impact the status of your driver’s license and your insurance rates.

Your ticket should indicate the statute or code number of the violation that you are being charged with. If you were cited under state law, you can find the Utah Code online. If you were cited for violating a Lindon City Ordinance, you can find the Lindon City Code here.

More serious violations require a mandatory appearance before the Judge. These include driving under the influence (DUI), impaired driving, no insurance, driving on suspension or revocation, and reckless driving. The court clerk will tell you if the violation requires a court appearance. More minor traffic violations, such as speeding, failure to signal, etc., usually can be paid without a court appearance and might be eligible for Traffic School.

Most traffic offenses are classified as infractions (no imprisonment and fines up to $750) or class C misdemeanors (maximum imprisonment of 90 days and fines up to $750). Some traffic offenses, such as DUI, are classified as more serious offenses that have the possibility of longer terms of imprisonment and higher fines.

The Uniform Fine/Bail Forfeiture Schedule and the Bail Schedule for Justice Courts provide information about the fine or bail for each offense. This is what the judge uses to determine the fine or bail for the offense.

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Do NOT pay your ticket online if you plan to take Traffic School.

The Lindon City Justice Court offers Traffic School for minor traffic violations to those who qualify. Traffic School is available online and has two benefits: it removes the points on your license from the traffic violation, and the traffic violation is dismissed.

If you are interested in Traffic School, you MUST contact the Lindon Justice Court to verify that you qualify. You must register in person with the Lindon Justice Court before you are allowed to take traffic school. Please note that you may not take Traffic School without first signing up with the court clerk. The cost for Traffic School is $60.00 in addition to the fine for the ticket. Court hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The court is located at 100 North State Street, Lindon, UT 84042, and can be contacted at (801) 785-1971.

Please note that a Seat Belt Violation, a Vehicle Registration Violation, and a No Insurance or No Proof of Insurance Violation are NOT moving violations and do NOT qualify for Traffic School.

Non-Utah Driver License: If you are licensed to drive in a state other than Utah, you must contact your home state and inquire whether it will recognize a Utah Traffic School Plea in Abeyance and not record the citation on your driving record. Under Utah Law, your home state will be notified of the citation.

Traffic School Eligibility:

Please contact the court for eligibility. Traffic School may be an option if you were cited for a minor moving violation (e.g. speeding, following too closely, failing to stop at a stop sign, etc.). You must appear in person at the court clerk’s office to sign the Plea in Abeyance Agreement for Traffic School and to pay for your citation. You MUST pay for your citation at the same time that you sign up for traffic school.

 *You might qualify for Lindon City Traffic School if you were cited for a moving violation (e.g. speeding, following too closely, etc.) and—

  1. Your driver’s license is currently valid;
  2. You do NOT have a CDL (commercial driver license);
  3. You have NOT had any moving violations in Lindon in the past 6 months;
  4. Your citation is NOT for any offense relating to a traffic accident or to an injury;
  5. You were NOT cited for more than two moving violations;
  6. Your citation has NOT gone delinquent;
  7. Your citation is NOT for any offense that requires a mandatory appearance before the Judge; and
  8. Your citation is NOT for any of the following offenses (list is not exhaustive):
    1. Speeding 21 m.p.h. or more over the speed limit;
    2. Careless Driving or Reckless Driving;
    3. Speed Contest or Exhibition of Speed;
    4. Speeding in a School Zone; or
    5. Any charge involving driving under the influence, impaired driving, etc.

 *Please note that this list is not exhaustive. Please contact the court to verify that you qualify for Traffic School.

 Click Here to access the online traffic school website.