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Where Are The Snowplows?

Snow Response / Removal Priorities
During winter storm events, the City typically receives numerous phone calls wondering why their street hasn’t been plowed.  To help answer the question, please understand that during an ongoing storm, streets are prioritized and plowed in the following order:

  1.  Main arterial roads (i.e. primary emergency transportation routes) and steep / hillside roadways.
  2.  Remaining arterials, selected collectors, bus routes and school zones.
  3.  Other collectors, intersections, and hills.
  4.  Residential and local streets. 
These priorities are shown on the Snow Response Priorities Map.

Snow plow drivers may also adjust the order of street plowing according to their travel direction. During significant storms with lots of snow accumulation the plow drivers may have to repeatedly plow higher priority streets, thus lower priority streets will take longer to be cleared, or may not be cleared at all. Thanks for your patience during these types of snow storm events!

On-Street Parking

During the winter (Nov 1 to March 15) our snow plow drivers need your help! Please move all vehicles and trailers, or other equipment / objects off city streets during active snow storms and don't park on the street within 48 hours after a snow storm. (Even after it stops snowing our crews may still be plowing.) More information regarding regarding on-street parking during winter months can be found in section 10.16.040 of the Lindon City Code.

Additional Winter Guidelines

During an ongoing storm, repeated snow removal from high priority streets will usually delay removal of snow from less traveled local streets.  The City encourages residents to stay inside and not drive during storm events if possible.  If you must travel, SLOW DOWN, increase your following distance, and exercise extreme caution.  Be assured that crews are working, and will remove snow from your street as soon as possible.  Keep in mind that the City has a limited amount of manpower to run the limited number of snow plows.  Also, when removing snow from driveways and sidewalks, please push the snow onto your lawn rather than into the street.  Mother Nature makes snow removal difficult enough!  Any snow pushed into the street must then be removed by City crews.  Your cooperation is much appreciated!