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Youth Court

The purpose of Youth Court is to provide an alternative method of dealing with juvenile offenders in the area of misdemeanors, status offense, traffic violations and other cases, at the discretion of the Lindon Police Department.  Unlike the traditional method, which incorporates these juveniles into the system, complete with a record and any stigma attached to the phrase, “Juvenile Delinquent,” Youth Court emphasizes a positive approach which focuses more on reconnecting the critical objective, that the youthful offender be held accountable for his/her own actions.  It is their responsibility to explain their actions, and complete their assigned sentence.  In order to participate in the Youth Court system, the youth offender and parent agree that the youth is guilty of the offence as charged and are willing to accept the sentence imposed by the Youth Court.  By attending Youth Court a juvenile offender does not obtain a juvenile criminal history.

You will be contacted by mail with a court date. Please be patient, Youth Court is only held once a month, generally the second Wednesday. If you have questions you may call the Lindon Police Department 801-769-8600.